A Powerful Combination of 8 Revolutionary Ingredients

Released in 2009, Phen375 is a 100% legal weight loss diet pill that contains some of the most powerful fat burning ingredients ever developed. These amazing pills have been long recognized as the most powerful appetite suppressant and fat burner to ever exist.

These ingredients not only work to supercharge the metabolism, suppress the appetite, and breakdown fatty tissue, but, more importantly, they work to decrease the body’s ability to store fat.


Phen375 was developed to stop cravings that normally cause diets to fail before they even get started. Its powerful appetite suppression means that your cravings are kept under control, so you can lose weight fast!

Phen375 is produced in FDA pharmaceutical registered labs. This assures high standards and guarantees that your Phen375 is manufactured using only quality ingredients. The reality is that the newly formulated Phen375 provides you consistent and effortless weight loss results.

Each ingredient is highly refined, guaranteed to deliver the strongest and purest product humanly possible to produce. These pharmaceutical grade compounds start to work instantly to burn away large amounts of body fat; forcing your body into high gear, even when it wants to slow down.


  • Calcium Carbonate 36% Grainphen375-veggies
  • Chromium (Pikolinate) 12%
  • L-Carnitine (L-Tartrate) 68%
  • Citrus Aurantium (Fruit) Extract
  • Caffeine Powder Anhydrous (1, 3, 7-Trimethylxanthine)
  • Cayenne (Capsicum) 10M HU/G
  • Dendrobium Nobile Extract (from Orchids)
  • Coleus Forskolii Root PE (10% Forskolin)

Proven to Help Your Body Burn Fat

L-Carnitine mimics the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) that transport fatty acids through to your metabolism. HCG aids in the release of stored body fat, into the bloodstream for energy; making your body burn existing fat easier.

Because it is easier to burn fat, your body does not need to burn away muscle, therefore eliminating the problem of muscle deterioration often suffered by dieters.

Sympathomimetic Amine (Citrus Aurantium) is a natural stimulant that helps you constantly burn fat by increasing your metabolism and suppressing your appetite.

1, 3, 7-Trimethylxanthine (Caffeine) helps to trick your brain into believing you are full, which means your body has to burn more fat to get the energy it needs. Also, by reducing hunger, you eat less, allowing you to easily reduce your food intake. Performance benefits include physical endurance, reduction of fatigue, and enhancing mental alertness and concentration.

Capsaicin  is included at a powerful 12 to 1 concentration which helps ensure the other active ingredients are carried throughout your body by increasing blood flow in smaller or restricted flow vessels very common in fatty tissue. Capsaicin also increases your body’s temperature allowing you to burn up to 270 calories more per day than you normally would. This process is called thermogenic burn. As the body increases temperature it requires more energy to burn, thus eliminating fat effortlessly.

What’s stopping you from getting the body you’ve always wanted?

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